GiftPlanner lets you easily keep track of your gift list and events. Keep all your planning information, including gifts and ideas, stores and prices, purchase statuses, order and tracking numbers, images, links, and more, in one convenient app!

GiftPlanner features an innovative “bookmarklet”, letting you browse the web on your device and send pages directly to your list to be imported as new gifts without interrupting your shopping experience.

For offline shopping, use your device’s camera to scan barcodes and automatically have information about a product filled in for you!

An available syncing feature (with in-app upgrade to GiftPlanner Plus) lets you keep your gift list synchronized between your iPhone and iPad (or iPod Touch)!

App Store DownloadFree for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the App Store!

GiftPlanner 3 Gift List
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    Track all of your contacts’ information: Birthdays and anniversaries, addresses, clothing sizes, gift ideas and wishlist links.

  • Gifts

    Remember which gifts you want to get, where to get them, and who they’re for. Even keep track of shipping status!

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    Set budgets for events, keep track of which people from your contacts you still need to get gifts for, and export shopping lists.

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    Add gifts to your list while you’re browsing the web, whether you’re using your desktop or laptop computer, or your mobile device!

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    GiftPlanner lets you attach photos to your gifts, and even helps you keep track of which wrapped present is which!

  • 🔒


    Protect your gift list from prying eyes using an optional passcode lock!

  • 📈


    Keep holiday spending under control with budgets and price totals for events and people. Progress bars help you keep track!

  • Print & Export

    Export convenient, printable gift list reports for events or people to be used as shopping lists, checklists, and more!

  • 💳

    Gift Cards

    Waited too long to buy a gift? Send gift cards easily by email or SMS, without leaving the app!

I love that I can use this year-round, not just for Christmas… And I love the bookmarklet feature. I’m definitely recommending this to friends and family!


This App is my favorite! It’s truly a lifesaver to keep on track. It has definitely made the frustration of the holidays cool down.


This app does everything I try to do in my spreadsheet and more! I am thrilled. PLUS, the developer is absolutely amazing!



How do I export my gift list?

You can export gift lists by event or by person. To do so, go to the event or person you want to export a list from and tap the action/share button in the upper right of the screen.

How do I unhide gifts?

The answer to this question depends on why the gifts were hidden:

  • If you hid all gifts for one person, find that person in the People list, tap on them, scroll down to the bottom of the Info tab, and switch off the “Hide Gifts” option.
  • If your gifts are hidden because you’ve marked the event as being finished, go to the Events list, scroll down to the bottom of the list, tap on the “Show Finished Events” button, go to the event you’re interested in and then you can see the gifts for that event.

How do I open my backup file on my computer?

The GiftPlanner backup file is designed only to be able to be used to restore your data into GiftPlanner. There aren’t any computer programs that are intended to be able to open the GiftPlanner backup.

Trying to open the backup file on your Windows, Mac, or Linux computer may have unexpected results and is not recommended.

How do I delete gifts?

You can delete a gift in two ways:

  1. Swipe your finger from left to right over the gift name in the gift list. A red button with an X on it will appear. Click on the button and you will delete the gift.
  2. Go to the gift’s main screen and scroll to the bottom. Tap the “Delete this Gift” button.


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